Pre-2004 Archives and Links

The following articles indicate a clear focus on the goal: getting silver ceramic water purifiers to the low income vulnerable. Following are past research initiatives, as well as background presentations and studies.

2 Feb. '04- Announcing the Silver Ceramic, Particulate Grog Purifier

30 Nov. '03- Toward Sustainable Silver Saturation for Ceramic Water Purifiers

10 Oct.- '03-  On Research at Cranfield University (U.K.), the Institute of Water and the Environment

9 Sept. '03 Update- On Altering Purifier Flow Per Water Column Height

3 July '03 Update- Candle Purifiers and Tests for Silver in Filtrate

8 May '03 Update-  On Continuous Flow Testing of Purifiers

See the IDE, Nepal, World Water Forum Presentation

See the photo essay: The Thimi, Nepal Potters Community

On the urgent need for research by a ceramic institution

April 2001 presentation, why the pottery purifier medium gives excellant flow rates