Reid Harvey, second from right, conducts a workshop in foundry
skills at the International Community School of Abidjan, 1999

Management & Experience

Consultant Ceramist, the Society for Health, Education, the Environment and Peace., Jogjakarta, Indonesia. August and September 2008. Trained in production of pottery water filters and pot-tery cook stoves (rocket stoves)..For training videos go to, .

Consultant Ceramist, the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, Kabul, Afghanistan, April to June 2008. Made recommendations for improved strength of pottery, and improved fir of glazes, indicating these improvements. April to June 2008.

Consultant Ceramist, the Millennium Challenge Corporation ( Undertook capacity building mission in Morocco, writing subsequent recommendations (which were subsequently approved). Recommendations have been for Morocco’s approx. 1,000 potteries. Presented prospective kiln designs, per pottery; charcoal briquetting options for crushed olive pit waste; development of local glazes, and other ceramic fabrication methodologies. March to July, 2007.

Consultant Ceramist, the Eastleigh Community Centre, Nairobi Kenya. Assisted a local pottery in beginning production of pottery water filters, as per the website above. Trained local potters in the production of pottery water filters. 2005, ’06 and ’07.

Consultant Ceramist, Winrock International. Undertook mission to N’Djamena, Chad, to assist in development of environmentally responsible, pottery cook stoves. Assisted a Chadian manufacturer in beginning production. April and June, 2007.

Ceramist, d.b.a. Silver Ceramic Systems. Professional emphasis on water and sanitation applications for low income populations of the southerly nations. Continuing development of silver treated, potter water purifiers. Adaptation to a US$2.50 system. 01/05 to present

Consultant Ceramist. Collaborating with International Development Enterprise, Nepal. Technical manager of the Pottery Water Purifier Project, insuring availability of low cost, appropriate water purifiers, for field use in vulnerable communities of Nepal. August 2002 to August 2004.

Consultant Ceramist, Enterprise Works, Ghana, Accra, Ghana. Working with Ghanaian ceramic manufacturers to gain capacity in production of fuel efficient, ceramic cook stoves. March/ April 2003.

Consultant Ceramist, collaborating with International Development Enterprise, Bangladesh. May to August 2002. Built capacity of Bangladeshi team, for production of ‘pottery water purifier media,’ as well as for concentrated colloidal silver (disinfectant).

Consultant Ceramist. The Arsenic Research Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh. August 2000 to May 2002. Developing a silver saturated, ceramic water purifier candle. Overseeing purifier and research production.

Consultant Ceramist. Enterprise Works, Senegal, Dakar, Senegal. Observing production of fuel efficient, ceramic cook stoves and writing assessment. July 2000.

Consultant Ceramist. Ceramiques d’Afrique d’Abidjan. Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Sept. 1998 to July 2000. Developing a silver saturated, ceramic water purifier candle that is easy to produce, low cost and sustainable.

Co-Director / Founder. Ceramiques d’Afrique, Training Center, Gbottoye, N’zerekore, Guinea. Nov. 1996 to Aug. 1998. Developing products: stoneware, light weight concrete roof tiles, water filters and an appropriate technology foundry. Introduced cook stoves widely, to use 50% of wood fuel previously used.

Appropriate Technology Consultant. the American Refugee Committee, N’zerekore, Guinea. August 1997 to July 1998. Training Guineans and Liberian and Sierra Leonian refugees in appropriate technology and ceramics. (see above)

Consultant. Nairobi University, Housing and Building Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. July to Oct. 1996.

Consultant, Western Ceramic Industries, Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. May to Oct. 1996.

Consultant. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Nairobi, Kenya. Jan. to Apr. 1996. Conducted an assessment of Kenya’s ceramic industry, and strategies for its development.

Consultant. Khartoum University, Building and Roads Research Institute, Khartoum, Sudan. Aug. to Dec. 1995.

United Nations Volunteer, Ceramic Designer and Trainer. El Obeid Vocational Centre, El Obeid, Sudan. July 1994 to July 1995. Worked in a Women in Development (WID) program with Sudanese ceramists on income generating projects.

Founder / Manager. ATTIC, Northampton, Mass., USA. Sept. 1992 to July 1994. Consulted in ceramic processes. Fabricated production equipment. Made available ceramic technical papers.

Consultant. Sponsored by U.S. Peace Corps and Jamaican government, Kingston, Jamaica. Oct. 1993. Demonstrated for Jamaican ceramists an air-release, ceramic press, subsequently sold to Jamaican government.

Visiting artist. University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Ceramics Department. Sept. 1992 to May 1993.

Instructor. The Guild Studio School, Northampton, MA, and conducted workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Parsons School of Design, and numerous secondary schools and craft centers. May 1991 to July 1994.

Self-employed ceramic designer. Sept. 1991 to Sept. 1992. Piloted production of improved ceramic industrial dies.

Consultant. Assisted Costan Rican and Nicaraguan ceramists. Jan. 1991 and May 1990.

Citizens’ organizer and fund raiser. Clean Water Action, Northampton, Mass., Feb. 1990 to Sept. 1991.

Self-employed ceramic designer. Geoplay, Main St., Andover, NY. May 1989 to Feb. 1990. Produced porcelain, flower containers.

Production Technician. New Frontiers of Alfred, NY. May 1988 to May 1989. Assisted in manufacture of ceramic tiles and tableware, and models, molds and dies.

Co-founder / Organizer. VITA / Alfred (Volunteers in Technical Assistance), Alfred University chapter. Sept. 1986 to May 1988. Consulting and providing information on appropriate technology for developing country ceramists.

Editor. The Ceramic Connection. VITA / Alfred newsletter. Sept. 1986 to May 1988.

Co-founder / Manager. Spectrum Inc., Monrovia, Liberia. 1977 to 1983. Fabricated stained glass windows for twelve Liberian churches, Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Evangelical, etc. Trained Liberians in glass art and management.

Liberian government instructor of glass arts. Merged Educational Project, Robertsport, Liberia. 1976-77.

Instructor / Artist, Episcopal High School, Robertsport, Liberia. 1971 to 1977. Fabricated stained glass windows for four, Liberian Episcopal churches and for St. James Episcopal Church, Mt. Vernon, Virginia, USA.

Inventions & Developments

Received notice of issue of U.S. Patent No. 6,905,598, title, “Porous Grog Composition, Water Purification Device Containing The Porous Grog And Method For Making Same,” June 14, 2005, Continuation-in-part patent appliction of the earlier patent.

Developed a second technology for ceramic based household water treatment, involving the use of porous pottery particulates. Among the forms of silver used for treatment is silver chloride, resulting from the two step process of applying, 1. silver nitrate, 2. salt water, then flushing. 2002 to 2004.

Received notice of issue from the African Intellectual Property Organization (Organisation Africaine de la Propriete Intellectuelle, OAPI), for Patent No. 12527. Title: Porous Grog Composition, Water Purification Device Containing the Porous Grog and Method for Making Same. Issue date Sept. 17, 2004. OAPI covers intellectual property in francophone Africa: Burkina Faso, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo. 2004.

Received original Letters Patent Grant for U.S. Patent No. 6,537,939 B1, for the invention entitled “Porous Grog Composition for a Water Purification Device,” issued on March 25, 2003. Numerous additional U.S. and national phase patents (international patents) are pending on this and related inventions.

Issue of Bangladesh Patent 02/234, for the invention of permeable grog and filtration device composed of same. November 2002.

Developing filter candles of both earthenware and porous concrete, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Dec. 1998 to 2000

Developed fuel efficient, portable cook stoves, using Guinean resources. Developed ovens and foundries, and light weight concrete roof tiles. Feb. 1997 to July 1998.

Developed an effective, low-cost ceramic water filter, impregnated with silver, adapted from Guatamalan and Swiss prototypes; enabling appropriate technology, household water purification. Sept. 1996.

Developed a ceramic crucible material for melting glass, using Kenyan materials. Apr. to June 1996.

Designed an environmentally-sound, vertical tunnel kiln, adapted from an Asian model. The Khartoum University, Building and Road Research Institute. Aug. to Dec. 1995. Consulted in initial construction.

Received notices of issue, U.S. design patents, D348,416 and D348,417, based on ceramic containers. July 1994.

Developed an appropriate technology, air-release ceramic press, minimizing start-up costs of ceramists for fast production. Aug. 1993.

Received notices of issue, U.S. design patents, D315,531 and D320,764. Oct. and Mar. 1991.

Publications & Articles

Presentations at the American Ceramic Society annual convention, Design Division:

A Permeable Grog for Low Cost, Earthenware Water Purifiers, Co-author, April 2001

A Sustainable, Low-Cost Water Filter for At-Risk Populations, Co-author, May 2000

Designing Building Materials for Sub-Saharan Africa, on an energy efficient, vertical tunnel kiln, designed to burn carbonized agricultural waste, not wood. Apr. 1996.

Tabletop in Sudan, a Different Set of Issues, on ceramics and training in Sudan. May 1995.

A Low-Cost, Air-Release Press for Fast, Ceramic Production. May 1994.

Cottage Industries of Ceramics: a New Approach to Development. Apr. 1990.

Scove Kiln Technology and Refractory Brick. A methodology for production of low-cost, appropriate technology refractories. Apr. 1989.

Other Publications and Presentations

Compiled training videos, for the Indonesia, SHEEP workshop. The video clips are shown in reverse order, at, .

Podium presentation at the symposium of the W.H.O., Household Water Network, Accra, Ghana, June 2, 2008. Presented, ‘An Overview of Ceramic Filters for Household Water Applications.

The web page of Silver Ceramic Systems, July 2005 to present.

Presentor, A Low Cost Ceramic Water Purifier for the Poor. The Sustainable Resources Conference, Boulder, Colorado. Sept. 2004.

Presenter, The Ceramic Water Purifier Project, Nepal. The Third World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan. March 2003.

Presented a poster of the silver treated pottery purifier at the third annual conference of the International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2005.

Presented the technology of the silver treated pottery purifier at the second annual conference of the International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment, Nairobi, Kenya, June 2004.

Co-author, A Sustainable Ceramic Water Filter for Household Purification. (Poster presentation) The NSF Small Water Systems and Wastewater Systems Conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Jan. 2000.

Using Palm Kernel Shells As an Organic Aggregate in Concrete Roof Tiles. BASIN News, newsletter of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network. Nov. 1999.

A Ceramic Safari in East Africa - Kenya. A feature article in the magazine, Ceramics Technical. Nov. 1997.

Clay Pot Effective in Filtering Dirty Water. Nairobi Daily Nation, 10 October 1996. Regards first work with silver pottery filters in Kenya.

A Ceramic Safari in East Africa - Sudan. Ceramics Technical. July 1996.

Ceramic Building Materials as an Option in Economic and Healthful Housing. The Conference on Economic and Healthful Housing, Khartoum, Sudan. Mar. 1995.

Pressing Ceramics with Air-Release. A manual describing and simplifying a primary, fast production process for forming ceramic ware. Dec. 1993.

Ceramics in Developing Countries. A feature article in The American Ceramic Society Bulletin. Dec. 1991.

Plaster of Paris: Techniques from Scratch. A comprehensive, illustrated manual on do-it-yourself model and mold making for ceramists. May 1991.

A Studio Grows in West Africa. A feature article in the magazine, Stained Glass. Spring 1980.


Awarded B.F.A., Ceramic Design. New York State Collage of Ceramics at Alfred University. Alfred, NY. 1988.

B.F.A. exhibition, Geometric Interaction - a concept in mold cast porcelain and mold blown glass. May 1986


Exhibition of the International Development Enterprises/ Nepal, pottery purifier system, developed as per U.S. Patent No. 6,905,598 (see page 2). The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian affiliate. Fifth Ave. and 90th St., New York City. May to September 2007.

Vice Chair, American Ceramic Society, Design Division. 1995.

Secretary, American Ceramic Society, Design Division. 1994.

Voice of America interview, featuring the manual, Pressing Ceramics with Air-Release. Nov.1993.

Voice of America interview, featuring the manual, Plaster of Paris: Techniques from Scratch. May 1993.
(Note: Both manuals were circulated by the radio program producer to over 200 NGOs worldwide.)